Hardcover, Perfect bound
90 Pages Colour Offset.
8 x 10 Inches
Limited and hand numbered to 250 copies.
ISBN - 978-1-63587-708-3

"Half Day is the latest collection of work from Ben Rayner. Shot casually, the images work to align notoriety with the inanimate, joy with strain, while allowing its empitness allude to a life fully lived. The line between a shadow and a shape cast, the eroded edge of domestication, the falsely secret life of public spaces. These photographs don't function as much as a language or a cipher for a generation or a time, since it's a language no one can really speak, but more correctly this is an exhibition of ceaseless social sediment, of passive humour and subtle care.

In the decade plus of work that Ben Rayner has produced, a very specific voice has emerged. As is the nature of the work, Rayner appears to have his camera firing, not "ready," at the moment; any moment; not the right moment or one that requires the baggage of manufactured meaning. Instead, Ben's photos stop time rather than capture it, allowing the images a freeing quality of unassigned flexibility. Of course, he has weathered numerous waves of music trends, miles and miles of fabric representing changes in style and approach. His work is earned in the casual instant, but endures in the grips of high fashion and couture. They move their frame toward his angles. His lens, an anti portrait, but a consuming depiction nonetheless."